How To Write An Apology Letter To A Teacher- For Cheating In Exam

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To [Full Name]

Myself (Your Name) and I am a student of Class (Class Name). I have made a mistake and I want to apologise for the same. I sincerely apologize for the [Test, Assignment, and Project] cheating.
I am aware that there is no room for academic dishonesty at [School Name], including in your classroom. This is the first mistake of such kind.

I forgot that these things are earned and not given to me because I was so focused on getting a good grade and praise. Although this experience has been extremely difficult, I have gained a lot of knowledge from it. Cheating is wrong and cannot be justified, regardless of the motivations or the benefits. I am highly disappointed for the same with me.

I humbly ask that you rethink or lessen my penalty if you, my classmates, and [School Name] are willing to accept my apology. I am really impressed with [School Name] and have a deeper appreciation for the commitment it has made to its kids’ educational experiences. I expect to learn more from [School Name] as I have already learned a lot from them. I won’t repeat the mistake again.

Looking forward for the apology and Thank you for listening me.

Thank You

[Contact Information]

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